Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gothica and Creepy

The three catsuits is a gift from the owner of Gothica.
They are very glossy and looks awesome.
The last one is the fantastic Extreme Rubberslave by Creepy.
It contains a lot of things and has a scripted gasmask with colorchange.

Friday, March 16, 2007


A few additions to the other posts have been added.
Also Harnesses will hopefully work now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Decided to add two toys not fitting in anywhere else here as well...
First of all a inflatable boobs set black shows also have white.
And also a nice little autoinjector to easily directly pump fluid into the bloodstream liek sedatives, painkillers, acid etc
Well sometimes I get myself stuff thats quite inhuman. Don't got too many but here they come at least.
Hoof shaped shoes, Material Squirrel Thethra Monstertruck wings, a set of horns I've been playing around with modding, Numinous red cateyes.
How much they've been used... err..
Well I guess I'll get to use them When Satan tries to get a pair of skates to fit his cloven hoof feet and when a snowballs survival chanse in hell is actualy quite good.
No I never ever get to use them but thats not what they're for anyway.

Complete outfits

Well some things comes as a set and works best as a set or should at least be presented as one.
I don't got too many of these considering different ties shackles etc is one piece items but a few has ended up in my collection tho.
Left to right: *TMR* Queen of hearts (should I ever get the need to dress like royalty), Sze Provocateur White, Latex bodystraps (also in verisions with open for breasts breast cupps and open crotch panties), BareRose Goth nurse (also in red).
And usage.. well Heart robe one in the Domme breaker RP and Goth nurse once when Ryuune was in labor. (don't ask you don't wanna know)


Hair the bushy thing on top of my head that Mistress gets nuts on because it gets in the way?
Well I got a few styles subjetct to Mistress fancy of course.
Top left to bottom right: * 0 Style * BigTail_Kokonoe, *HQ* Bigass piggies, Gurl 6 Cheeky, Kin Keiko Swan, Gurl 6 one of the hair from the 3 black pack, and Curious kitties Poisonous spide hair.
Well at least some of these I get to use. Kokonoe used to be the hair that more or less defined "me" but that was before Mistress decided to give me a makeover so now I am using Kin Keikos swan... Hope my few friend will recognice me. ;\

Skin decoration

Skin decoration. Not the most important thing I guess but useful anyway.
I posess so far four different kinds.
First of all a set of Whipmarks from Bugshit. Second a set of Gore from Numinos (yes most slaves is not in need of that but you need to meet my mistress to understand that purchase), A set of Bugshit spankmarks and finally a tribal wing tato with the sign for BDSM sex embedded in them.
And... well ok so I've never gotten to use any of them.

Shoes and Boots

New set of Boots. L&E Reckless boots. I own the not rusted version.
They can be worn as low medium or high version.

Shoes and boots.
Some of the in my not so humble opinion sexiest and most beautiful clothes there is.
Unfortunately my Mistress likes to keep me barefoot so these thing I almost never get to use.
Left to right tho. Szentasha Salome basic black high heeled boots, Dark Eden Nemesis boots, The complete Black buckles set from dark Eden more of an outfit but I liked the photo so.. , Dark Eden Lilith boots and Dark Eden Ballet boots tigh high (also ankle high with other boots shape)

Other restraints

More restraints items not falling under the other places
Top left to bottom right again.
KDC straitjacket.
superstraps white/black ones.
KDC black latex corset (hey it restrains the ribs)
KDC armbinder.
Some restraints cannot fall inunder the other posts so I collect them here.
For so far top left bottom right is. Inflatable latex mittens, Swettchastity steel bathingsuit, Femzapper and Inflatable buttplug.
Mistress has used some items a few times currently I am always strethced by the buttplug. And the mittens was used a few times when I was new.
Also she had taking me swimming int he steelbathingsuit result naturally that I sink like a rock.


Maybe this kittysuit should be in full outfits.
However the name catsuit makes it feel right to place it here.
Creator Draconic Lioncourt.

Catsuits in several looks all of them (well ok mostly all of them) flattering for a bodyshape.

From left to right.

KDC simpe catsuit, KDC seamed catsuit, Kcreations giger catsuit, Bugshit black latexcatsuit with a lot of zipper possebilities, BloodSister red/black nun outfit by Kcreations, Esava faire leathercatsuit, Cowprint catsuit (I got this before finding mistress milking machine in the barn) and BareRose tribal set in several colors in the same pack.

So far Mistress once again never dress me in them (except for the seamed one when I was very new with her) keeping me naked instead.

(Maybe I should sell my stuff on second hand. ;P )


Harnesses. every slave needs at least one and I got... err.. two.
On the left BareRose Harness in black.
In the box you also get it in pink red and white.
On the right also BareRose their TLS simple harness.
Mistress doesnt seem to care much for harnesses at all always keeping me nude in cuffs.

From the top

And a few more things for the head
First the vicious looking Diclonius restrain helmet thats really a cosplay item by Slade Onizuka but it's so awesomelooking I just had to have it
Second a simple tape gag with a lovely garbled speech script.
And a KDC gasmask.

Well beginning at the top of the slave then.
The head.
Always a way for the mistress to torment humiliate blind deafen etc.
Well a lot of things can be done both for humiliation and deafening senses.
On this picture from top left to bottom right in turn are the following gear I own
KDCDeluxe collar with blindfold and ballgag, same but ringgag, KDC Basehood, KDC Vixenhood, Inlatable latex BallHood and finally Bubblegirls Slave isolation helmet.
Mistress seem to preffer the Ballhood since that the only one she ever used on me save the occasional ballgag.

Collar and cuffs

A new little shackleset that I was given by the creator. (thankyou so much.)
It's the Reckless set. Armcuffs only but both metal and leather (shown) and only metal.
I think they're really good looking.

Well first out should be what every slave needs.
Her collar and several sets of cuffs.

The center image is what I normally wear as well as the collar my mistress put on me.
Amethyst collar and cuffs with several animations and options.

The set on the left is Police handcuffs armcuffs legcuffs and restraintbelt a lovely scripted item that works well with lockmeister as well it seems.

On the right side is a little wildecard called Mad science cuffs.
I haven had the chanse to try them a lot but they do look nice at least.